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Lending a Helping Hand

The Vietnamese Youth and Professionals Mentorship Program (VYPMP) is designed to prepare, inspire, and motivate Vietnamese Canadian youth to achieve great things as they pursue their future endeavours.

The Organization
VYPMP was founded in 2012 and originally established itself as a subsidiary community group of the Multicultural Helping House Society. It originally comprised of three local Vietnamese Canadian post-secondary students within the Greater Vancouver Area (GVA) who avidly looked to create opportunities for other Vietnamese Canadian youth to further their education after high school. As a result, they established a mentorship program that allows Vietnamese youth to shadow and learn from already successful Vietnamese Canadian industry professionals.

After the establishment of the VCSA Vancouver Chapter in November 2014, the members of VCSA Vancouver reviewed what core projects should be included under its immediate three pillars. In short, it just made sense that the VYPMP would be one of its main focus. Since then, VYPMP has transitioned governance under the VCSA Vancouver umbrella and has received a great deal of guidance from the members and the community.

Program Initiative
VYPMY’s purpose is to shed light on all of the success that has happened thus far to other Vietnamese Canadian adults who have chosen to complete their education and build a worthwhile career. This program is to emphasize the value of education and to encourage youth to avidly continue in order to achieve their future goals. The mentor-mentee partnerships are created between Vietnamese Canadian youth (ages 15-18) and successful Vietnamese Canadian industry professionals. The intent is to foster a Big Brother/Big Sister-like relationship where mentors can guide, share experiences and stories, and answer career related as well as “growing up Vietnamese” specific questions that sometimes…only another Vietnamese Canadian can answer.

Get Involved
The 2017 Mentorship Program is well on its way. To express interest in the mentorship program as a mentor or mentee, please fill out the document in the following link.

Please contact our Program Coordinator, Kim Nguyen for more information.